I combine unrelated materials to represent dialectical oppositions such as hard/soft, ephemeral/enduring, open/closed and natural/fabricated. Since 2004 I have been using some form of recycled material as the basis for my pieces. The various series juxtapose different combinations of manufactured and/or organic materials.

Each series has a different focus. The Communications series is a comment on the disconnect between contemporary communications technology and our ability to actually communicate with one another. The Keyboard series utilizes the computer keys to create language which expresses personal content. These “messages from my keyboards” relate to current and past relationships with myself and others. The Computer series reference our technological culture and its impact on our bodies, minds, relationships, and the environment.

The ubiquitous presence of plastic bags in our lives inspired the most recent work. Their usefulness belies the damage that they wreak on the environment. The bags have a skin-like feel to them and I am intrigued by the way the bags can be transformed and have layers of content added.
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